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jeff gutierrez

Jeff's career in music started in the California Bay Area in the mid 90's and over the years led him to live and freelance in Chicago, New York City, Phoenix, and now Moab, UT.  He realized while living in New York that a happy life-balance included way more wilderness and open spaces than he was finding in Central Park and Prospect Park and followed an opportunity to get a master's degree in Jazz Education from Arizona State University.  Being back out west solidified his passion for adventuring and exploring outside with lots of backpacking trips to the Grand Canyon and southern Utah between gigs and teaching. He finally decided to leave the traffic and fast pace of the big cities behind to take a leap of faith and live in a tiny, isolated desert town.  He figured that even though the music scene would be a fraction of a tiny speck of what it was in Chicago/New York, he would still be a musician no matter where he lived and there's a need for good music even in small towns. In addition to playing in several bands now in UT and CO, he guides hiking trips for REI Adventures in Moab and northern Alaska, lives off-grid in a yurt in the mountains, and teaches music at the local charter elementary school.  He loves being a part of spreading positivity through danceable music with Niceness.