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David “Bassie” Christeson

David grew up in Wisconsin and was introduced to the world of music at an early age, with piano lessons at age 6. His passion and skill set truly developed whiling playing the organ in the church choir. He then picked up the bass guitar which he played while in his first reggae band “Black Star” in Madison, WI. Moving to Telluride in 1988, he met Rasta Stevie, a legend in the Colorado Reggae scene, and was given the nickname “Bassie”. Together they formed 8750 and toured all over the Western U.S and Canada. In the late 90’s he joined MikeyG (Niceness’ drummer) and Mikey’s brother, Josh Gomberg, to form Bredren who released one album “Sea of Delusion” and played together for over a decade. Bassie now plays keys in Niceness and is instrumental in bringing the band’s arrangements to life.