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“Humanity is in a state of turmoil. The earth is changing, and people are experiencing deep unrest,” explains frontwoman Koral Delatierra of the Rocky Mountain reggae band, Niceness. “We want to create a space for people to come together in the spirit of oneness, and join us in creating a world we all want to live in.”

Niceness is a familial gathering of vibrantly diverse personalities rallying around personal, socio-political, and environmental issues. Among its ranks include activists, an organic farmer, a life coach, a permaculture designer, a Buddhist bodybuilder champ, two music teachers, an adventurer, an arborist entrepreneur, and a Doctor of Psychology. The Colorado-grown band also has the rare distinction of being fronted by a firebrand female vocalist who oozes shamanistic charisma hypnotizes with seductively stirring vocals and upholds a fierce commitment to “art in action” ethos.

“We want people to come to Niceness shows for the quality of the music and our message, and because we have something to say,” Koral affirms.

The Niceness band consists of frontwoman and songwriter Koral Delatierra; drummer, vocalist, and songwriter Michael “Mikey G.” Gomberg; guitarist Dustin Wilson; keyboardist and vocalist, David “Bassie” Christeson; bassists Mike Enriquez; percussionist Jonathon “Johnny B” Barfield; alto sax player John White; trumpeter Jared Wright; and tenor sax player Jeff Gutierrez.

Together, this collective is more than a band; it’s a state of mind. Mikey G., who coined the group’s moniker, explains: “‘Niceness’ is a colloquial outburst that translates to ‘Right On!,’ ‘Sweet!’ or, as Jamaicans exclaim, ‘Irie!’. The name is a proclamation of jubilance.”

Niceness grooves on island time for sure, but these restless spirits confidently and authentically integrate a United Nations gathering of musical cultures and traditions into its signature aesthetic. The group’s bold, exploratory impulses find them seamlessly integrating elements of soul, funk, Latin and hip hop while staying true to roots reggae vibes. Niceness has garnered favorable comparisons to John Brown’s Body, Trevor Hall, and Nahko And Medicine For The People.

The Telluride, Colorado-based purposeful posse consistently sells out regional venues capping 200-300 fans. In 2017, the band released its self-produced debut, Sunshine, along with a joyous slice-of-life themed video for the song’s title track. For Niceness’s album release, the band sold out its hometown’s venerated venue, the historic Sheridan Opera House. In addition, Niceness has had the honor of sharing the stage with a diverse array of iconic and beloved artists, including Black Uhuru, The Itals, The Wailers, Common Kings, Nahko, Anuhea, Passafire, Monophonics, Blackalicious, and Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon, among others.





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