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Dustin Wilson

Dustin Wilson was born at the age of 0 in Pontiac, Michigan. He was raised in the suburbs of Detroit alongside his two brothers. At the age of ten, he received his first guitar and inspired by the sounds of The Beatles and frequent campfire-family-jams he set out to learn the instrument for himself. Showing a strong love and commitment to his craft he was bestowed with his first real guitar as a gift from his uncle. This more playable guitar helped hold his interest throughout his high school years, it quickly became a close companion and provided an escape from the stresses of the prison-like school halls. After graduating high school, he bounced around the state eventually becoming frustrated with the music scene before finding his way to Telluride, Colorado where he found a community of musicians more aligned with his taste. He joined up with the Niceness crew, helped with the recording of their debut album “Sunshine” and is currently playing shows around Colorado’s western slope spreading the nice-ness around!