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Doc B

jonathan barfield

Jonathan Barfield - aka “Doc B.” -  grooves on the hand drums with discipline and flavor. Inspired by long days of traditional African rhythms on the concrete rooftops and sandy streets of Guediawaye, Dakar,  Jonathan weaves African and Latin sounds into the unique threads of Niceness.

Jonathan lives a diverse life.  A contemplative practitioner and doctor of psychology, he has worked with many universities and institutions at the interface of science, compassion, and mindfulness. He has also spent long retreats in the wilderness, taking refuge in the mountains, writing poetry, journal articles, and giving lectures and workshops at the interface of nature and psyche. It was in these mountains, gathering around a fire, that Jonathan met his brother in rhythm, Mikey G. and they’ve been locking in the rhythm section for over 15 years now in various reggae projects.