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koral delatierra

Koral Delatierra is a California born / Colorado grown singer/songwriter, organic farmer, traveler, permaculture designer and activist. Having been exposed to the majestic San Juans at a young age, Koral always had an appreciation and reverence for the wild. While at Humboldt State she became involved in the fight to prevent the extinction of one of the last remnants of the magnificent Redwood forest that once stretched 400 miles from southern Oregon to the Big Sur coast.  She went on to study organic farming and permaculture design and ended up living in South America for 5 years, making her way by selling her artwork and street performing while volunteering at farms and ecovillages across the continent. It was in 2010 that she moved back to the Western Slope to manage an organic and biodynamic herb farm. In 2014, she was approached by local musicians to be a part of a new reggae project they were getting started. That project is now the 8 piece reggae band, NICENESS! Koral's lyrics are a reflection of the life she's created, embodying a message focused on love, personal responsibility, interdependence, and sustainability. Art in action!