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Mikey G

michael gomberg

Michael “Mikey G” Gomberg grew up in west Philadelphia. His first experiences on drums were in high school playing for the hardcore punk band, “I’m From Joisey”. After three years of professional gigging, Mikey G was exposed to the Band Bad Brains and their blends of punk and reggae. He was spellbound by the hypnotic reggae drums and dove in fully. He was fortunate to get an audition for the Jamaican vocal trip Nagasa and was awarded the gig. Following this experience he became the choice drummer in the Philly Jamaican reggae scene. He was blessed to have done studio work for Sugar Minott. Mikey backed up Edi Fitzroy, Ranking Joe, and Lady G on tours. He was a founding member of Overstand and Bredren and the last drummer from 8750 Reggae Band. He enjoys lifting weights and spending time with his family, wife Camilla, son Meshach, and daughter Satya. He is also the owner of Jo Mama’s Movers in Telluride, CO.